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Solyanka Bar Events

Solyanka Bar:

06 May 23:00


Fstep, Alchogol и Farmatsevtika, Kompaniets. Entrance free.

Solyanka Bar:

22 April 23:00


Boom Boom & Twins Shopp, Dr.Disco (Be), Sanches, Petrovich

Solyanka Bar: Firma DJs

16 April 23:00


D.Perushev, A.Malibaev, Pablos, A.Ramazanov, D.Sergeev, I.Shmelev

Solyanka Bar:

09 April 23:00



Solyanka Bar News

“Solyanka bar” is a new reincarnation of the place previously known as the club, restaurant and shop (we are not going to repudiate them for sure, but everything is good in its season and place). Every Thursday starting at 11 p.m. we uncover dj equipment, invite nice guys from Moscow and not only to the bar, lap up the drinks and play music, which temperature depends on the drinks’ proof. During the last couple of month we’ve been testing the bar, investigating the audience and the notes carefully left on toilet walls, and experience has shown what shots go better with Donna Summer and which ones — with A Mountain Of One.

But now we’re gonna work with maximum performance. And now just as every self-respecting bar we have a neon sign, a set of retro-amusements like Soviet game machines, 20% dinner discount, and of course a huge barflies number, because it’s pretty dull without them as at the liquor exhibition you know. And besides Thursdays we’re open on other workdays as well if there is a special occasion. And remember: alcohol in small doses is safe in any amount.


Moskow, Solyanka st, 11/6,
+7 495 221 75 57

Solyanka Bar Special Menu