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Solyanka Club card Advantages:

1) It gives you and your companion free club admission except some
events specified in advance.

2) There is no need to wait in line.

3) If there are more than two of you, the card allows to brind 2 of
your friends to the pay office passing over the line. So 4 people can
get in: 2 for free and 2 will pay the fixed price.

4) In winter 3 companions of yours and you will be able to check your
clothes in the special cloak room upstairs by the bar on the
dancefloor in case there is no room downstairs.

5) Cardholders are being invited to the special events such as New
Year and Club“s Birthday parties and other events outside the club.
They also have special discounts.

All cards are registered and accompanied by your photo. As you enter
the club, your card is incented into the special device and your ID appears on the monitor. Please don”t give your card to anyone else.
Otherwise we“ll have to withdraw it.

How can I get the Card?

You get Solyanka Club Card if we like you. You”ve been visiting us for
a long time and we want to please you. Currently that is the only way
of becoming a club member.

What are the lists, that are spoken about at the entrance and how to get on the list?

These lists are made by our club promoters and residents. They are for
musiсians, press and our friends. The others get in with tickets or their club cards. You can’t get on the list just by sending us an e-mail.