Our special guest this Thursday comes from Scotland. He is signed with the legendary Big Dada label, the hip hop sub of Ninja Tunes, where also Roots Manuva resides. A’La Fu is a international top DJ playing with cats like Gil Scott Heron, De La Soul, Afrika Bambaataa and Blackalicious. You can hear his live set right after the Flammable Beats warm up.

Check a A’La Fu mixtape on our YUM YUM site.Don’t go home after A’La Fu. Pasha Fookin’ our Russian YUM YUM DJ will continue to rock your world until the early morning hours. I heard he just got some brand new mashup tunes! Last time he played, we had to leave the club open until 6:30 AM because you guys didn’t want to go home. Lets see, if he can pull it off again.

YUM YUM Jul 08

YUM YUMspecial guestA’La Fu (Scotland)
presented by
Labelfucker & Flammable Beats
Thu. Jul 3rd - 11 PM
Ul Solyanka 11
Metro: Kitai Gorod
On the turntables:
Flammable Beats
A’La Fu
Pasha Fookin’
Cover: 300 Rub

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1 июля '08 / 12:00 | yumyum

Thu. June 5th - 11 PM

special guest
DJ Sepalot (Munich) & Frank Nitty (Detroit)
presented by Labelfucker & Flammable Beats

On the turntables:

DJ Pirumov
DJ Sepalot with Live MC Frank Nitty
DJ Gatek

Cover: 300 Rub

Soundcheck and more info:

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5 июня '08 / 13:08 | yumyum

We are delighted to have a local Moscow DJ on the mixer this Thursday. The good stuff doesn’t have to come from far and is always so near. No worries, we have not run out of energy or money, this guy is just good so why fly in someone else? DJ Gatek has been around for years. We know him from various of our parties and decided to invite him to play our next YUM YUM session. Gatek is at home in the crossover and mashup area and he will play YUM YUM mash-up style this Thursday. This is a real Moscow YUM YUM session, just with local DJs. We’ll have DJ Sestra (Simachevs) followed by Gatek, followed by the Flammable Beats crew.

YUM YUM with special guests

DJ Sestra
DJ Gatek

supported by Flammable Beats

May 22nd - 11 PM

Ul. Solyanka 11
Kitai Gorod



Thu. June 5th - YUM YUM with Sepalot of Blumentopf (Munich) with LIVE MC Frank Nitty (New York / LA)

NEW YUM YUM Mixtape Vol. 7 (Chrome, Tand Williams, Schowi)
Download (right mouse click and save as)

Check PULSE for more great mixes of foreign and local Moscow DJs. More to come.

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19 мая '08 / 17:13 | yumyum

Running the Labelfucker House Parties and YUM YUM at Solyanka we are getting a lot of DJ mixes and promos. We decided to put the best ones up on a new website: http://pulse.labelfucker.ru. Have a look, listen and give us your opinion in the comment section. If you have some interesting mix, let us know as well. We are looking forward to hear it. Check back frequently. We get new mixes daily these days from around the globe and we’ll post them as they become available.

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27 апреля '08 / 15:10 | yumyum

We have a very special treat for you next Thursday. Our upcoming YUM YUM session will be held by The Rub. This DJ trio from New York is know for its trendy Brooklyn Williamsburg party at the Swank, which is somehow similar to what we do with YUM YUM here in Moscow and Germany. DJ Ayres just became a father and so he is staying at home, while Cosmo and Eleven have even more reason to celebrate with you and work the turntables with 2 mixers simultaneously for most of Thursday night. As usual the Flammable Beats crew will spin their fine selection of tunes before and after.

The Rub

Well, I could go on and on, telling you about these guys. How good they are, that they are some of the US most acknowledged DJs, some of New Yorks most famous radio DJs these days and so on…. but why don’t you come over and check them out yourself? This will be their only gig in Moscow and we went through great efforts to make this happen. Just for you! Hope you enjoy what you hear. I certainly do. Pass the word to your friends.

Check The Rub website for more info and some mixtapes:

YUM YUM with special guest The Rub
presented by Labelfucker and Flammable Beats
Thu. Apr 24th - 11 PM to 5 AM


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21 апреля '08 / 16:21 | yumyum

Small World is an elite Internet community. You need to be invited to become a member and only a few people have invitation privileges, bla bla bla. At first sight this community seems pretty lame and its members arrogant, but most of them are actually nice and cool. By the way, Johnny Depp is a member, Naomi Campbell and Moscows fashion designer Dennis Simachev as well. The communities worldwide interactive city guide is helpful, when you move to or visit a new city. Members are serious nightlife people and help each other with advice and support.

Yes, its true… this is probably not the typical Solyanka crowd. Still, the local Small World community had their first 2008 get together last Thursday (prior to YUM YUM) at Solyanka. Even more surprising, Smallworlds interactive city guide for Moscovites and jetsetters rate Solyanka with a 3.7 and that is the highest ranking seen for Moscow so far. Gazgolder scores with 3.5, Krisha with 3.6 and the recently burned down Dyagilev only with 3.4. So Solyanka is not only one of the most fashionable and creative clubs in Moscow, but in the opinion of the Small World members also Moscows best.


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7 февраля '08 / 17:40 | yumyum

Munich/Germany 1986. Chrome and my friend Michael spin the turntables, while I am battling breakdancers on the dancefloor. It was hard to get good records that time, but we got our hands on the latest vinyl and mixtapes from US soldiers, who were stationed in Germany… to protect us from the dangerous Russians on the other side of the iron fence.

Times changed. I got into Punkrock. Later, in New York, I have been able to experience the real Hip Hop, but I have always been open to new music. Lounge, Afrobeat, R&B, Drum n Bass, Jungle… you name it. At one point, in Spain, I even DJed House and Electro. After Spain, I moved to Russia (who would have thought that!) with lots of Hip Hop in my bags. So it was no coincident, that the Flammable Beats crew were among my first friends in Moscow.

DJ Tand Williams
DJ Tand Williams at work 

The other day I am back home, sitting in a Munich bar and by chance I meet my old buddy DJ Chrome. What are you up to?, I’m asking. Still making music? We do our own shit now, he said. He gave me a mixtape and it was a blast. The mixtapes are one thing, but once you have been on a party, you feel that sound. Chrome and his friends remix everything they can get their hands on, with no limits by style, speed or genre. Sometimes I wonder how you can take two or three of these totally different tracks and make ‘em work together as one. Not only that, but they rock. The Chromemusic guys were doing this long before Mark Ronson became known and defined the sound of MASH-UPS worldwide. Their whitelabel remixes are played by DJ Ayres in New York as well as in Berlin, San Francisco or Tokio.

Well, it was about time to bring them to Moskva. This sound is new and it got flavor! You can’t put it in a genre box, so just come, see and listen. Feel the YUM YUM. Come again and bring some friends. We’ll have YUM YUM always on the last Thursday of the month from now on. To kick it off, we’ll bring you the youngest of the German Chrommusic crew: DJ and producer Tand Williams (Timo). 

YUM YUM on Thursday 31st Jan @ Solyanka - 11 PM.
Check out their latest mix tape YumYum Vol.6

Sign up for our YUM YUM mailing list to get more info about our next parties. The first 10 people signing up will get on our guest-list this Thursday night, with a handull of friends each. To sign-up just send an email to

Next will be my friend DJ Chrome and in March, we are planning to bring you some cats from Brooklyn New York (DJ Ayres & Cosmo). April will be served by Schuwi from Berlin. They all will be supported by my old time friends from the Flammable Beats crew, but this ain’t a Hip Hop night… its YUM YUM. We’ll have anything from R&B, Electro, Dance, Funk, Soul, Oldies, Reggae, and and and. A musical Solyanka stew so to say and not only because of that I am happy to host this new party at Moscows coolest and most fashionable club: Solyanka.

Chris aka “two-zero”

(check for more MP3 mixtapes to download!)

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28 января '08 / 01:26 | yumyum